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Your wheel needs a fresh look? No problem - we will help you.

Although we did not invent the wheel, we do everything to ensure that you enjoy your Fuchsfelge for a long time. Who knows better how to recondition a forged Fuchsfelge to an appearance comparable to the original new wheel?

Hundreds of thousands road kilometres, wind and weather, brake dust and salt - all this is also leaving its mark on a Fuchs wheel. Even a lack of attention or a sudden avoiding action, may affect the flawless surface of the Fuchsfelge

Since the early 1960ies we are the specialist for the surface finish of your Fuchsfelge. Nobody else knows the material and texture of Fuchsfelgen better than we do. The whole refurbishment is conducted with passion for the original! Every step of the process - measurement of radial and axial runout, paint stripping, grinding, polishing and anodizing or lacquering - is carried out In the tradition of German craftmanship.


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